In View Larry King Exploring Healthcare Issues

In View with Larry King Exploring Healthcare Issues

Sports are a great way for kids to stay healthy and active, but it can also lead to more injuries.

Over the years, advances in medicine are giving children a healthy childhood, but a new series of challenges are facing medical professionals as they treat the next generation of Americans. On In View Larry King, audiences are seeing how today’s pediatricians are meeting the evolving challenges of today’s young patients.

Changes in the way children lead their lives are creating new possibilities for injury. As more children lead structured lives filled with sports and other organized activities, the chance for injury increases. Doctors are now seeing young children who are coming into practices with injuries to joints and muscles that usually are considered with older people.

The internet is also posing risks to children’s health. In some cases, very young children, especially girls, develop an unrealistic vision of how they think their body should look. This can lead to dangerous dieting and even eating disorders that are occurring at a very early age.

The In View Larry King producer team is looking at these issues and other emerging healthcare challenges for upcoming reports that will air on great cable networks like Discovery and Fox Business. For more information, check local listings.

In View Reporting on Changes in Communication

In View Reporting on Changes in Communication

Smart devices have revolutionized the way we share information.

Texting, email and other forms of electronic communication are commonplace now. We have more ways to convey information than ever before thanks to advances in mobile technology and the internet. The first transmission of a text message between mobile devices took place back in 1992, and last year 5.9 trillion texts were sent. In View Larry King is looking at how communication methods have changed the way we gather and transmit information.

One of the most interesting changes that mobile technology has fostered is that it has allowed most everyone to become a new reporter if they choose. In 1963, Abraham Zapruder took his camera to Dealey Plaza and took perhaps the most famous piece of home film ever shot. He captured the assassination of John Kennedy with his Bell & Howell camera.

In 2014, events both good and bad are captured by participants and bystanders through the technology of a smartphone. The videos can be immediately uploaded and emailed to friends or news organizations and placed on the air immediately, unlike in 1963 when Zapruder and his film were hustled around to find someplace that could develop his infamous home movie.

The high number of still and video cameras out on the streets also mean that more incidents become news. An ill-timed confrontation between a celebrity and a paparazzo, a spontaneous comment from a politician, or a protest by an interest group can immediately find their way to the airwaves through mobile technology.

In View with Larry King is looking at a variety of technology subjects on the program. On great cable television networks like Fox Business and Discovery, audiences are learning about how advances in many field are changing our world.

In View with Larry King Lands Telly Nods

In View with Larry King Lands Telly Nods

In View is getting recognized as a leader in television production.

Every day, the In View with Larry King producer team is working tirelessly to bring the highest quality programming to cable television audiences. The team is getting the recognition it deserves with three Telly Awards for the excellence in production that is seen in every edition of the show.

The Telly Awards recognize excellence in film and video productions, web commercials, and outstanding local, regional, and cable television commercials and programs. The Tellys receive thousands of submissions from around the country and around the world in several categories, and In View is setting the standard. The show has been tabbed for three Telly Awards for excellence in production, rewarding the hard working team behind this informative program.

Submissions on Gibson Guitar Corporation and Whirley Industries, Inc. from the “Made in America” series were given the nod as was a “Building a Sustainable Future” series segment on the Rainforest Alliance.

The In View series cost helps to cover the expense required in created some of the finest programming on cable television. In each edition airing on great cable networks like Fox Business and Discovery, audiences are seeing the very best in a variety of field including science, medicine, and education. Check local listings for airtimes in individual markets.

Host of the In View Series, and the Infamous Jerry Seinfeld Interview

King Interviewed Thousands of Guests During His Lengthy Career

Iconic talk show host Larry King has met a lot of people in his more than a quarter-century of broadcasting the news. Some guests have been political figures. Others have been famous actors and musicians. Larry King on TV has also covered a few scandals in his time on the air. One of his most well-known interviews was with Jerry Seinfeld. Seinfeld was the number one show in the United States at the end of its historic run.  Some 75 million viewers tuned in to watch the final episode. King, who now hosts the educational In View series, a wide-ranging TV program, apparently, was not one of them.

This Interview Did Not Go So Well

When he interviewed Seinfeld, King shocked his guest when he didn’t know whether Seinfeld went out on top or if it was canceled. It was an innocent question that came across as funny to audiences but maybe not to Jerry Seinfeld. Seinfeld joked incredulously that he couldn’t believe he was on CNN with Larry King on TV being asked if his show was canceled, as the final season of Seinfeld was well-documented in the media. He jocularly asked King if he even knew who he was. King apologized before cutting to commercial while the two were still laughing over his mistake. This is just one memorable moment of countless others on air with Larry King. Despite this mistake in 2007, Larry King’s friendly nature continued to endear him to audiences for years to come. King’s likable nature and fame appealed to the In View Larry King producer team when they went searching for someone to host the In View show.

The In View Series Hosted by Larry King, and Larry King’s Career

The In View Series Hosted by Larry King, and Larry King's Career

Larry King became well-known for his trademark suspenders look during his legendary and lengthy television career.

Larry King began his long and prosperous career in the 1950s, and began working regularly on TV in 1985. Larry King television shows aired live for twenty-five years, and had the most viewers of all CNN programs. Over a million fans tuned in each night to see who was being interviewed, and what secret they might reveal. With more than 6,000 episodes broadcast over the years, the image of King, who now hosts the educational In View series, sporting a pair of suspenders instead of a stuffy three-piece suit, became a national icon. His show was usually broadcast from the L.A. studio, but he also presented his show in New York, and Washington, D.C.

Every night King spoke with people of prestige and power from all over the world, including successful business tycoons, popular celebrities and world leaders. The interviews were tastefully done, with open-ended questions to put the person being highlighted at ease. The Larry King television show was not one of the shock-factor programs of the eighties and nineties. King wanted to ask questions that informed, but did not make the person being interviewed uncomfortable. This laid-back format encouraged guests to talk openly about themselves, and show a more personal side of the celebrity — humanizing them to the rest of the world. King’s goal was never to insult or enrage his guests; he just wanted to have a nice discussion and inform his viewers while he met someone new. The Larry King television show will go down as one of CNN’s most rewarding programs ever to air.

Environmental Subjects, and the In View Series

Highlighting Environmental Progress

More attention has fallen upon extreme weather in recent weeks, as extreme weather events have left thousands dead and disrupted the lives of tens of millions. Although scientists cannot conclusively say that carbon emissions and climate changes directly led to the devastating typhoon that struck the Philippines or the destructive tornadoes that tore across the Midwest last weekend, many scientists believe that emissions have contributed to more powerful storms. In View hosted by Larry King, an educational series carried on the Discovery Channel and other cable outlets, reaching tens of millions of television households across America, has looked at efforts to reduce carbon emissions and clean up the environment. Show producers like associate producer John Patrick, associate producer Courtney Lovejoy, associate producer Rachel Van Drake, associate producer Diane Shandler and associate producer David Kent have looked for examples of industries and companies that have adapted to reduce their carbon footprints and impact on the environment.

Developing Alternatives to Oil

The In View series hosted by Larry King has also reviewed advances and progress in the development of alternative energy sources, and spotlighted ways that utilities and businesses use less oil. In View Larry King producer teams have located a number of upbeat stories across the United States that demonstrate advancement and improvement on these fronts. In View series producers like associate producer Karla Sullivan, associate producer Seth Goldberger, associate producer Judi Marcus, senior associate producer Joel Walters, associate producer Brian Cahill and associate producer Derrick Milhous look for progress and advances relating to energy sources like solar energy, wind energy and geothermal energy. The In View TV series (561-279-3550) has also looked at ways that utilities, cities and businesses have made the switch from oil to natural gas, which burns cleaner than oil and is more readily available in the U.S.

In addition to environmental subject matter, the In View show (855-446-8439) features programming about business matters, education, health, medicine and other topics.

The In View Series Highlights Mental Health Organizations Like Hanbleceya

New research suggests that people’s mental health has suffered as a result of the prolonged economic malaise in America, with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Preventing Chronic Disease journal reporting earlier this month that mental health has declined among adolescents. Even teenagers and children have felt the effects of the Great Recession and the turbulent times in which we live. The daily struggle to survive has stressed out adults across the country, and many more adults today report symptoms of mental illness, according to the National Institute of Mental Health, which estimates that one in four adults experiences such symptoms in any given year.

To meet this growing need for mental health services, many private companies and therapists, as well as public services, offer help to people struggling with depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), borderline personality disorder and many other mental disorders. The In View series, an enlightening cable series carried across the country, has reviewed some of these companies and public services, sharing with viewers how they help individuals, couples and families.  In View has looked at Hanbleceya, a private organization based in Southern California, which provides mental health services for individuals suffering from a wide range of disorders.

Mental health organizations across the country have helped people, families and communities cope in these trying times, and helped individuals manage their symptoms to lead productive and healthy lives. Firms like Hanbleceya San Diego, which has more than 30 years of experience in the mental health field, help families rehabilitate their loved ones. In these stressful times, many affected individuals present with so-called dual diagnoses, which means they have symptoms of both mental illness and substance abuse.

The In View Series, on Advances in Education

Educators today face many challenges. Teachers, who often do not make as much money as they deserve, have come under heavy scrutiny for the performance of their students. Public schools often do not receive the support or resources they need to provide their students with quality educations. In many cases, students do not have the structured home life that helps them succeed.  Amid all the obstacles they face, teachers, administrators and educators continue to try to provide students with the best possible education they can, and in some schools, they have made significant progress in improving students’ performances on standardized tests and retention of information. The In View series, an enlightening cable television series, explores education success stories across the country, showcasing schools, both public and private, at various levels that have succeeded in helping pupils learn and achieve.

The show In View hosted by Larry King profiles schools and learning institutions across the United States and Canada. The producers of the TV series ( find examples of innovative practices, programs and strategies that have made kids excited about learning and led to positive results. The production team of the show also finds universities, colleges and other institutions that offer education and training for highly-sought-after careers and the careers of the future.

The television program, distributed on multiple cable channels and cable networks across America, spotlights advances and innovations in industries and fields across society. Along with advances in education, In View features stories about new technologies that have aided companies across the economy, as well as medical advancements.

In View Hosted by Larry King Looks at Community Banks

In a struggling economy, Americans are looking for any sign that things are improving. The TV In View hosted by Larry King is watching to see the signs that a recovery is taking place and how Americans are helping to move our economy back to the right track.

One of the indicators that the economy is starting to improve is the encouraging housing numbers. Just recently it was announced that new housing starts have reached a four-year high, and many economists agree that the numbers are an encouraging sign.

The In View series is looking into how community banks play an important role in the recovery. Many home construction companies are small businesses, and for them the housing start numbers mean more work is on the way. It means more jobs and more business for these companies.

Community banks are helping to contribute to the economic growth by injecting money into the economy both for new home buyers and for the companies that build the homes. By loaning money, these small lending institutions are helping to play a key role in our economic recovery. The In View series Larry King ( highlights different ways that smaller banks and lending institutions have fostered local economic growth.

These banks are already seeing a growth in their own business as more people move their accounts from large institutions. Many people are making the move because they hold large banks partially responsible for the economic collapse of 2008. The smaller banks also offer a high level of personal service that helps people get the most out of their accounts.

The producers of the TV program can be reached at 855-446-8439. They are working to highlight how several businesses are contributing to economic growth through innovation. On cable television and online at, audiences can see many of these stories.

In the coming months, the TV show (561-544-7965) has several plans for new reporting that will engage viewers. A new In View scam investigation report will show people how to stay safe in the internet age.

Business Success and the In View Larry King Show

Highlighting intriguing and positive stories in every corner of the world and throughout the United States, a new TV program hosted by long-time broadcaster Larry King, called In View ( – enlightens TV audiences across America. This insightful and illuminating television program takes a look at compelling and uplifting stories of progress, hope, achievement, business success and benevolence across America and overseas, showcasing companies, groups, organizations  and individuals that have achieved their goals and made the world a better place to live. In View with Larry King (855-446-8439) is carried by a number of cable networks and cable channels across the country.

The Larry King In View television show (561-544-7965) highlights thriving companies, important trade groups, laudable charities and praiseworthy non-profit organizations throughout the world. The In View Larry King show profiles cutting-edge industries and businessesthroughout the economy, and shines a light on charities and groups that have assisted individuals, communities and families throughout the world. An In View with Larry King producer uncovers often-overlooked stories of achievement, ingenuity and advancement throughout the country.

The In View series, which runs on a number of prominent cable channels, informs viewers across the nation about stories, breakthroughs, and innovations that shape their lives and careers.  The In View TV series examines steps that flourishing businesses across the economy have taken to position themselves for success, contain their expenses and surge past their competitors.